2019 – let’s go green

By 25th October 2018 5 Comments

Last year, we saw greenery really come into the spotlight, as the desire to emulate garden-grown florals became increasingly popular. We saw careful teaming of textured foliage varieties such as ferns, ruscus and thlaspi with smaller-headed florals such as veronica, stocks and rosemary, creating a romatic cottage charm.

Plus, we mustn’t forget to mention that sort-of-a-massive-deal royal wedding. Meghan and Harry took greenery to whole new level with their over-grown nature-inspired floral coverage of St. George’s chapel. That iconic archway featured hornbeam, birch and beech which provided a sensuous backdrop to the white blooms, including peonies, roses, foxgloves and sweet peas, nestled within the greenery.

This year, 2019 looks no less green. If anything, foliage is taking even more of the centre-stage, with over-grown greenery and indoor trees and creeping vines becoming ever more popular.

Building on this, we will see more showcasing of a large-headed single bloom, nestled in amongst layers of intriguing foliage types. The contrast between the flower and foliage, plus the confident simplicity of this style exudes rustic, unfettered romance.


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