alternatives to peonies and roses

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Without doubt, peonies and roses are seen as the Beyonce and Jay-Z of the flower world. They make appearances in the vast majority of wedding florals and it’s understandable as to why. Their indulgently layered tissue-paper petals bring gentle romance to any arrangement and the vast varieties of shades, shapes and sizes make them the most versatile blooms around. It also helps that everyone knows them, so when you’re faced with the sometimes overwhelming challenge of deciding on your wedding blooms, it’s easy to settle on well-known heroes.

However, it may be comforting (or a bit scary!) to know that there are 400,000 other flower species out there to choose from – let alone the hundreds of varieties of flowers within those groups. Here are a few that I love to work with, and will often suggest as alternatives to, or perfect partners for, peonies and roses.


Otherwise known as pin-cushions, these blousy blooms are perfect for adding texture to arrangements whilst adding a little ‘oo’ factor. Available in a variety of hues from bright whites, pastels and jewel tones, scabious are a must for April-July weddings.


Ranunculus, meaning little frog in Latin, are often likened to miniature peonies, due to their delicate, multi-layered, rippling petals. What’s more, they’re at their height from August to November, just as peonies are no longer in season. If you’re looking for other peony-look-alikes, try dahlias – they are also at their prime in late summer, early autumn.


These bonnet-shaped blooms are the perfect addition to any cottage-garden bouquets. They’re often multi-toned and their bobbing heads bring movement to any handful their in. Plus they bridge the gap between Spring and Summer weddings perfectly, coming into their prime in May-June – how thoughtful of them!

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