did someone say bridezilla?

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Every bride dreads the label of becoming a bridezilla. And bridezillas don’t have a fun wedding.

When you’re stressed about your wedding, little things can really set you on edge. You know the scenario – I’m talking about that stranger sneezing on the bus that makes you consider actions that would result in a lifetime prison sentence. Micromanaging suddenly becomes flavour of the month and you find yourself writing lists of lists of lists and that isn’t enough lists. And then the little details become big details and before you know it you’re asking questions like:


When previously you’d never purchased a napkin holder, nor cared for one, in the duration of your life to date.

And so, although we empathise fully for all you brides out there who may be feeling the stress (and also all you people out there on buses with colds who may suddenly find yourself in a compromised position), we thought we would put together a little list of soothing, nourishing, calming Bridezilla deterrents to ease the journey:

1. Make a wedding playlist and have your headphones handy at all times
I mean, how can you possibly be angry and stressed when air-guitaring to Zeppelin or lipsyncing to Beiber. Imagine yourself on the dancefloor in your wedding dress, dancing the night away with all of your favourite people. Bliss!

2. Mindfulness yoga
Mindfulness doesn’t need to mean meditation. Sometimes, doing something physical like a few short yoga moves can really help to centre your emotions. Try starting in downward dog, moving down into cobra, and then back up to downward dog again and repeat a few times. Connecting with your body is a great mindfulness tool.

3. Prepare a PA for the morning of the wedding
Guests who need directions or are running late will need to contact someone but that someone shouldn’t be you. Either give your guests your wedding planner’s or bridesmaid’s number, or get your wedding planner or bridesmaid to man your phone for the morning. Your wedding day is not about your phone and you can make this happen!

4. Re-read the messages you and your fiancé exchanged when you met.
Take a moment to swim in nostalgia, remembering why you fell in love in the first place. And if you’re really feeling it, send him a little message to let him know how excited you are to be taking this step. Nope, no bridezillas here.

5. Bubbles 
Not the beverage ones – we’re talking about plunging into a bath of warm water and essential oils and making some time for you and your book (and a glass of bubbly if required of course!).



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