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I recently worked out that I have a family member on every continent of this wonderful planet, bar Antarctica of course (there’s still time…). I guess this is what makes us a ‘global community’. Gone are the days when we grew up on the same street as our cousins, went to the school our parents went to, met the boy next door and began the cycle again. In those days (sigh), you’d know ‘your people’; your postie, your bin men, your butcher, your florist. But these days, ‘your people’ can be comprised of ever-changing faces, virtual friends and the dreaded inter-flora.

Now, although I’m not suggesting the only way to avoid inter-flora is to retreat back in time and pitch up in a museum, there are some brilliant sites out there who are trying to link the global community with the local talent in any given area. This means that instead of succumbing to inter-flora when you wish to send your Aunt in California, you can use a site like This site has scouted all of the best florists in countries across the globe, creating ‘top 12’ lists for major cities.

Yes, you guessed it, we’re thrilled to say that Jasper + Quinn are right up there for Bristol’s top florists – you can visit the list here.

This site now sits as a bookmark on my desktop, poised for my far-flung family and friends. Hooray for innovative sites!

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