I’m head over heels about flowers.

There, I said it.

Jordan Keogh - Founder of J+Q

With prestigious floral design qualifications,  collaborations with leading florists, photographers and designers in London and the South-West, television appearances, and a first-class degree in geography, Jordan has experience, energy and a wealth of quirky ideas that she shares with every client.

Jordan is also the lead South-West florist for Bloom & Wild, the third largest florist in the UK. She represents the company through the delivery of tutorials and workshops to clients, believing in the Bloom & Wild ethos that providing others with joy and wonderment through nature is so worthwhile.

Jasper + Quinn produces unashamedly wild combinations of flora, teamed with grasses and seedheads, branches and vines, foliage and herbs, injecting the outside into every floral arrangement. Jordan works with every client personally from concept to completion, with her trusted and talented team aiding the delivery of larger projects.