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I’ll always ask my couples to share any images they’ve pinned on Pinterest with me, so that I can get a good visual idea of their style and vision. I use Pinterest to share ideas with couples too – it works both ways. It’s such a wonderful Aladdin’s cave of beauty and innovation.

But I so often hear couples telling me how overwhelmed they are by Pinterest, especially when they think they’re into one style but then they get totally side-tracked by something else. If you’re reading this thinking ‘THIS IS ME!’ then don’t worry. You are so not alone.

Over the years, I’ve come up with some useful tips for couples who want to get the best of Pinterest, without the agonising FOMO that can come when attempting to ignore all of the new shiny pins that are the total opposite of what you had in mind to begin with. It’s a simple four step method – give it a whirl:

    The temptation following your engagement is to start making a board for every single element right away – one for dresses, one for cakes, one for flowers and so on. However, a few months down the line and you may find none of your boards marry together (excuse the pun…). Instead, try to spend the first few months pinning everything you like to one board. Pin everything. Yes, everything! Even if it’s totally not what you had in mind but there’s something about it that you like.
    You didn’t think you’d be able to keep a big messy board like that did you?! This is when you cull your 100’s of pins down to 10-20. This may seem like torture, but this is when you really start honing in on the pins you really love. You’ll end up with a set of pins that are completely ‘you’ and make you feel so excited to get started.
    So now you can start on those specific boards. Using the pins from your master board, you can start finding other pins that are totally in line with the style you’ve identified as totally you.
  4. SHARE
    Once you’ve got some boards that are singing to you, share them with your suppliers! I love it when couples have boards ready to share with me, and I don’t just mean flowers. Any supplier that is worth their salt will want to get a feel for your whole day, not just their element.

••• happy pinning •••

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